The 9th “Listen to the Voice of Mother’s Love”

The 9th “Listen to the Voice of Mother’s Love”
Introduction to: Alice in Wonderland Antenatal Training Concert

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Part I. Background
The main topic of this concert is to overview Alice In Wonderland, whereby:
  • Hands becomes pen,
  • Sand becomes paper,
  • Fingers becomes artists and
  • Echo becomes the language.
This concert is in three parts:
  • Alice enters the wonderland misleadingly,
  • Alice experiences lot of wonderful stories and
  • Alice came to the real world,
These compare respectively to: conception of the baby, the baby experiencing the womb inside the mama and the baby being born into the world.

Thus, we portray the baby and the mama alongside the story of Alice In Wonderland. The most shinning point in this concert is the combination of vision and hearing into a rich experience. Let’s enter this wonderland together and feel the “palpitations” of life.

Part II. Time and location
Time: 14:30-17:30, Sunday March 19, 2017
Location: Oriental Landmark Art Center
Address: Multi-functional Hall, Floor 2, Oriental Landmark Square, No. 52-98, Wendebei Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou.
Part III. Organizer
Guangzhou Elizabeth Women’s Hospital
Part IV. Performance team
Players: Reunion orchestra
Leading player: Cai Xiaodan
Leader of the Reunion orchestra
Vice Secretary-general of Guangdong Violin Association
Conductor of Guangzhou Chongyuan Old Men Indoor Orchestra
Member of Guangdong Violin Educator Association
Managing Director of Guangdong Cultural Society and Arts Evaluation Committee
Musical Director of Guangdong Committee, National Arts Talents Conference
Judge of China Children Golden Clock Competition
Sand Painting artist: Le Er
Professional and performing sand painting artist
China youth sand painting performing artist
The chief young sand painting artist of Southern area, Studying and learning the sand painting art since 2004. This concert highlights her artistic performance.
Part V. Participants
400 couples and it is complimentary.

Part VI. Agenda

Time Details
14:30-15:00 Entrance and Introduction
14:30-15:00 Registration, photos, entrance, broadcasting the advertising videos
15:00-15:05 Activity starts. The guest’s introduction
15:05-15:08 GZ Elizabeth Women’s Hospital Leader speaking
15:08-15:10 Video: Embryo’s formation
15:10-15:15 Kids orchestra performance
Part 1, Unexpected meeting–enter the wonderland
15:15-15:20 Alice in Wonderland video + vocal story
15:20-15:35 Enjoy the concert. Part 1
15:35-15:45 Lucky draw: the third prize
Part 2, Times present–Experience of feeling the new world
15:45-15:48 Alice in Wonderland video + vocal story
15:48-15:50 Show up: the experts and star service team
15:50-15:55 Medical staff declaiming
15:55-16:10 Enjoy the concert. Part 2
16:10-16:20 Lucky draw: the second prize
Part 3, Return to the original–meeting the original yourself
16:20-16:25 Alice in Wonderland video + story voice
16:25-16:30 Spice pregnant mamas on the runway
16:30-16:40 Business cooperators’ speaking
16:40-16:55 Enjoy the concert. Part 3
16:55-17:00 Lucky draw: the first prize
17:05 Concert complete

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