Stillbirth—What You Should Know About It?

A few days ago, A-Fang, a 25-week pregnant woman living in Foshan, Guangdong Province, suffered a stillbirth after having a sex with her husband.

A-Fang was sent to the hospital and admitted to ICU as she got severe pain in her hypogastric region. After emergency treatment, her vital signs are stable and is getting discharged from the hospital. And the result of emergency B-ultrasound showed no fetal heartbeat. In fact, we can see many cases about stillbirth related to sex during pregnancy every year. But few people know how it occurs and what to avoid.

What Is Stillbirth?
A stillbirth typically refers to the fetal death at or after 20 weeks of pregnancy. (When a pregnancy is lost before 20 weeks, it’s called a miscarriage.) According to the statistics provided by Lancet, it says stillbirth rate in China has reduced by 4–6% in the past 15 years. However, the number of stillbirths in China in 2015 remains high and ranked in the top fifth of the world.
Sex During Pregnancy: Will It Harm The Baby?
Sex during pregnancy is the absolute last thing on many women’s mind. Many parents-to-be have ever worried about it. Fear of hurting the baby is probably most common reasons to avoid sex during pregnancy.

What May Occur If Sex During Pregnancy?
1. Bleeding:
Bleeding after sex is one of the common causes of bleeding during pregnancy. It’s generally caused by increased blood supply and softening of cervico. Although you don’t need to stop having sex, but you had better be as careful as possible and avoid “rough sex”.

2. Infection:
When you’re pregnant, you need to be careful about infection and infectious diseases before having sex with your partner. Exposure to sexually transmitted infections during pregnancy increased the risk of infection that can affect your pregnancy and the fetus’s health.
3. Miscarriage or Preterm Birth:
Sex during pregnancy may cause uterine contraction, which potentially leads to miscarriage or preterm birth.
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