How To Prepare For A Baby’s Arrival Physically and Emotionally?

Last Sunday, Guangzhou Evergrande clinched sixth consecutive Chinese Super League title. Six league titles in a row and two Asian trophies along the way were only regarded as a start for China’s Guangzhou Evergrande, who have drawn comparisons with Real Madrid and Manchester United and are gaining global recognition. As a member of this leading Chinese soccer club, Rong Hao, also announced that he will welcome a baby into his family next month through social media.

In past few years, many soccer stars choose Guangzhou Elizabeth Women’s Hospital to have their baby, like Conca, Guangzhou Evergrande top foreign aid, having his baby in 2012; Muriqui, the best foreign aid in China and Asia, having a baby boy in 2013. Gao Lin, a technical striker, having a baby girl in 2015. Kim Young Kwon, Guangzhou Evergrande defender, having his daughter in 2015. As the medical staff, we also consider it a great honor to provide high quality care and service for those who come to us from within the region, across the country and around the world.
For many parents-to-be, particularly for the first time, becoming a dad or mum is an emotional experience, which makes you feel like you’ve moved into another planet. At the same time, you have to keep a daily routine such as holding, rocking, feeding and changing diapers, etc. But a few weeks before labor begins, you probably count down the due date everyday, which is basically seen as an unnecessary “task”. As a mom-to-be or a dad-to-be, you need to know how to prepare for your baby’s arrival physically and emotionally.
According to Dr. Hati, Director of Guangzhou Elizabeth Women’s Hospital IMC Psychological Department, mother and father are likely to hold different position within the family, which means they should be well prepared to do their parental part.
Steps in Preparing for Motherhood
  1. Mimicry and role-playing;
  2. Association with other pregnant women or new mothers;
  3. Spend time with own mother.
  4. Identifies parenting role she wants to mimic;
  5. Fantasy–How will it be to be a mother;
  6. Grief work–giving up her current lifestyle as life will never again be the same.

Father’s Reaction to Pregnancy
  1. Fathers are becoming more involved in the childbearing process from pre-natal care to participating in the labour and birth process.
  2. Acceptance is also his major developmental task to be achieved;
  3. Needs to accept the reality of the child;
  4. Need preparation for the changes that will take place for his wife;
  5. Mood swings are common and emotions are unpredictable;
  6. Narcissistic or self-centered response of mother may be misunderstood;
  7. May feel “left out”;
  8. May have feelings of jealousy;
  9. His childhood background will also influence his preparation;
  10. Needs to also identify a role-model or parenting style he wants to mimic;
  11. Preparation also includes fantasy and grief work.

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