Health Insurance & Guangzhou Elizabeth Women’s Hospital


Dealing with insurance and other benefits can be a very confusing thing. We’re pleased to accept a full range of insurance plans at Guangzhou Elizabeth Women’s Hospital, prior to your appointment, please see the detailed insurance below or contact us to see if your insurance is accepted.
We now offer direct billing for the following insurance companies(Including but not limited to):
AXA, Allianz, Allianz assistance, SSC, Prestige, Huatai, EAJ, Travel over, SOS, HTH, HK BMC, Medilink, Healix, Autovision, Bupa, Cigna, Pingan, etc.
Insurance Coverage (Including but not limited to below items):
Gynecology, Delivery, Obstetrics, Pre-Pregnancy Checkup, Health Checkup, Counseling & Psychological Services.
What Is Not Covered By Insurance?
Chronic Conditions, Cosmetic Surgery, HIV&Aids, Pre-existing Conditions, Sexual Problems, Sleep Disorders, Obesity, Infertility Treatment, Sexual Dysfunction, Termination Pregnancy, Non-medical Required Treatment, etc. Chinese Medication, Unknown Medication, Nutrition, etc.
What You Need To Know Before Choosing An Insurance?
Choosing the wrong health insurance could mean paying too much. And even worse, it could mean not having the coverage you need, or not being able to use the health insurance you bought. So it is important to know what you’re paying for when you buy insurance. Here are some key things you should find out from your insurer or broker before purchasing.
1. Does the hospital you want to go to take your insurance? If you have a specific hospital or doctor you want to go to, make sure they have an agreement with the insurer you are buying from. In addition, know what hospital you want to be sent to in the case of an emergency. Call your insurance and the hospital to make sure that they recognize each other and offer direct billing.
2. How does direct billing work? Direct billing is where the hospital has a contract with your insurer so that they pay directly for treatments and doctor’s visits. With direct billing, the patient doesn’t have to file a separate claim with the insurance company or open their own wallet to pay and get reimbursed. Different insurers have different hospital networks and different services that they can direct bill for — you should find these out before buying your plan.
3. Are the services you want to be covered? Do you want coverage for vaccinations, chiropractic treatments, therapy or Traditional Chinese Medicine? Plans are different so don’t assume that all services are covered.
4. Pre-existing conditions: will yours be covered? Can you get a group plan to get coverage? What are the alternatives? Should you leave your current health plan? You don’t want to lose existing coverage when you make a switch.
5. What are the waiting periods? Some types of insurance have waiting periods, where coverage for certain services doesn’t begin until months or years after you first start paying for your plan. These services can include maternity, psychiatry, wellness check ups, dental and other service. Be aware of when your coverage actually starts.
If you have any question about insurance? Don’t hesitate to leave a message, thank you.

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