A British Woman Live Streams Her Labor On Facebook


2016 is the year of live streaming. Everyday, millions of people around the world use video live to capture, broadcast and spread ideas, stories and events that matter to them. Some are broadcasting their daily lives—from singing to dancing, teaching a foreign language to putting on makeup, etc.


Recently, a British woman has live streamed her labour on Facebook, with more than 2 hundred thousand strangers watching online, showing that giving a birth is not like the one shown in the TV or movie, and media reports said today.
Sarah-Jane Ljungstorm, 35-year-old, an ad-agency director from London, switched on the camera soon after her water broke while eating pizza on the soft at home.
Speaking about broadcasting her labor on a website, she said; “I have been blogging about motherhood and my pregnancy this year, so it was natural for me to share my labour. I find being a mom so rewarding but it can be overwhelming and lonely.”
So far, many commentators leave a message to express their admiration for this mum’s courage. One said; “ Broadcasting labour is a fantastic idea, not only it showed a real everyday labour that other mums and pregnant woman could follow and see how it went, but also could help the mum distract her attention from the pain.”

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