What Should You Do When Baby Do Not Like To Drink Water?

Dear mothers, have you ever been upset that your baby does not drink enough water? So, let me tell you why the baby does not like to drink water Likewise, I am going to tell you how to deal with it.
Why does baby not like to drink water? 
In fact, most parents do not pay attention to feeding the baby enough water in their infancy. As a result, they allow baby to develop such a habit. So, we should have developed a habit of feeding the baby enough water, especially during the earlier days. We did not realize this before.
Why does baby not like to drink water? 
Normally the parents, when they give drinks to the baby, choose a sweet drink.Thus, the baby develops a taste for sweet drinks and find water insipid.
Why does baby not like to drink water? 
Some parents worry that if their baby drinks too much water it will increase the frequency of urination. Parents tend to view the latter as an inconvenience. So, the parents feed the baby with less water.In the long run, it’s not good for baby’s health.
Why does baby not like to drink water? 
Kindergartens and schools are not equipped with proper water machine. What’s more, parents do not prepare water bottle for their kids.
How to guide your baby to drink water?
Play games with them.
Prepare two cups, pour the same amount of water inside. One cup for you, one for your baby, and start to play a game called cheers. You drink one, I drink one. Let’s compete with papa.
How to guide your baby to drink water?
Encourage them.
Say more words like good job, dear, good baby always drink enough water…. Kids like to be praised by parents. In order to get a compliment, they will tend to drink more water.
How to guide your baby to drink water?
Do not keep any drinks at home.
For your kids’ health, parents should stop buying any kind of carbonated drinks. Sometimes if they want such drinks, make sure they finish it quick and do not bring it home. Set a good example for your kids by avoiding such drinks yourself.
How to guide your baby to drink water?
Parents are always the best example.
Parents play an important role in any of the kids’ habit forming. You can start by making exaggerated movements to attract his/her attention when you drink water. As parents, we must set a good example. For my kids’ good, I must control myself.
How to guide your baby to drink water?
Bandwagon effect
Kids like to follow what everybody does. We suggest parents bring a water bottle when you are taking them out for fun. As long as another kid is drinking water, just give her/him the bottle, they will drink it. You see they will start drinking water by themselves. It works well.
How to guide your baby to drink water?
Change their water bottle as per their interest 
Parents can prepare two or three water bottles with different cartoon patterns and change them from time to time. With their favorite pictures on the water bottle, kids might feel more interested in drinking water. Besides, make a story of their favorite idol about drinking water is another good way to attract them.
Warm tip 
If your kids like the sweet taste, you can put a slice of apple or pear in the water and wait let it soak for a moment. There will be a bit of natural sweet taste in it, which might make them more interested in drinking water.
Water is vital for health, especially for the baby. Babies of different ages have different daily water requirements. Parents should take that into consideration and cultivate the good habit of drinking enough water.
There is a Pediatric Counselling Department (PCD) at Guangzhou Elizabeth Women’s Hospital. For further information, please make an appointment and inquire with our pediatrician.

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