How to Deal With the First Trimester of Pregnancy Reaction?

For most women, various physical symptoms and new emotions always appear in the first trimester of pregnancy, some women felt extremely anxious during these early weeks, and some found it hard to believe it was really happening to them. Let me tell you how to deal with the first trimester of pregnancy reaction.

The First Trimester of Pregnancy Reaction


1: Menstruation Delay
If you find that your period is delayed more than 10 days, you are probably pregnant. It’s the most common early pregnancy reaction that most people realized. In order to confirm pregnancy,you’d better go to see a doctor.
Take it easy and know that menstruation delayed is normal for pregnancy. If not,find out the reason for menstruation delayed is very important. In some case,stress,nervous and ovary dysfunction can cause it.
2: Nausea & Vomiting
Lots of women feel nausea in the early pregnancy,especially in the morning. Some feel a bit sick,but some have strong discomfort that they don’t feel like eating anything. In this case,we call it hyperemesis gravidarum. You must go to hospital for a symptomatic treatment.
A proper diet for the pregnant woman should be rich in nutrition,delicate and easy to digest. As far as possible,adjust the taste according to their eating habits.
3: Swollen Pain of Breast
There will be pricking,swell and tickle in the breast. Prominent nipples are common. Besides,you can see the color change on the areola. Veins under the breast skin become more obvious.
Under the hormone effect,breasts start to grow bigger since 8-week pregnancy. In this case,you can massage it from time to time.
4: Easy Get Tired
It is very common that you feel like sleeping all day long in the early pregnancy.
Just take it easy and do some exercise. Go out have a walk from time to time. These outdoor activities will help ease your early pregnancy discomfort.
5: Frequency of Urine
In the third months of pregnancy,the bladder was pressed by the widening uterus,which has narrowed the bladder capacity. As a result,pregnant women pee a lot.
You should drink enough water and take it lightly. It’s totally unnecessary to reduce the water amount because of frequent urination.

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